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What is Phishing?

Phishing is a fraudulent practice which originates back in 1950s. This cybercrime refers to sending mails, messages and calls claiming to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal and professional information, such as passwords, credit card numbers and vital organization information.

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About ProPhish

Hackers are continually evolving & finding different techniques to infiltrate your organization and steal your confidential business data. Cyber security awareness plays a significant role in securing you from such attacks. ProPHISH is a highly effective simulation-based platform to help identify and train employees who are susceptible to targeted phishing attacks. Hence, strengthening the weakest link in your organization.
Well-educated employees and properly secured systems are the key to protect your company from phishing attacks. Following a good cyber hygiene never fails to prevent breaches. It is equally as important to make sure that their employees understand the types of attacks they may face, the risks, and how to address them.


Assess the awareness of your employees by launching attack simulations – tailor-made & contextual for your organization.


Make your employees aware about a variety of cyber threats & its consequences through our awareness module.


For your employees to remain engaged and entertained while learning, our content is created in scenario based interactive pattern in the form of animated mini videos and online modules.


Our learning modules are unified with short games useful as regular fun filled courses.


The most preferred source of training among corporates – Short films! ProPHISH facilitates trendy, short, contextual, and engaging video modules.


ProPHISH offers trainings that are portable for all processes of the organization-right from induction of an employee to routine e-learning sessions.

Stand-out Features of ProPhish

Schedule your Attack

Our scheduling feature allows you to trigger the Phishing attack automatically in a future point of time.

Customizable e-mail Template

We provide you with an option for making your own e-mail template by using a really simple interface.


Assess your employee's awareness-progress by using our E-Challenges feature.         

Assign Target Groups

Automatically send the assessment phishing attack to multiple employees by just uploading a list once.

Customizable Landing Page

Set your own landing page after executing the assessment-attack. You can also import your website by just copying a URL!


Train your employees for facing phishing attacks by using our self-paced, easy-to-use E-Learning module.

ProPhish Employee Awareness Program (PEAP)

We at ProgIST, have developed a one of a kind cloud platform ProPhish Employee Awareness Programme which addresses the key lacunas of every organization. This unique platform is developed to encourage awareness about various cyber-attacks amongst every organization’s first line of defense. It encompasses an end-to-end curriculum ensuring the enhancement of knowledge for your employees.

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Our Offerings


  • Custom attack simulations
  • 25+ pre-designed templates & landing pages
  • Create custom templates & landing pages
  • Live tracking of events
  • Simplified dashboarding


  • Simulation Pack
  • Cyber security awareness e-learning modules
  • Educative videos with quiz
  • Wallpapers and other downloadable content
  • Email advisories

Managed Service

  • Simulation Pack
  • Training Pack
  • Your wish, our command!

Free Trial

  • We offer free trial for ProPhish platform based phishing simulation & corresponding “OTS – On-The-Spot” training.
  • Reach out to us on info@progist.net
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