Frequently Asked Questions

What is ProPhish?

ProPhish is a phishing simulation & management tool which will help you to simulate phishing emails to your employees and to understand, monitor & assess how react to these phishing emails. The platform can also be used to trigger various types of awareness content to your employees.

Is ProPhish a cloud-based product?

Yes. ProPhish is a cloud based SaaS product, and you do not have to install or need any special configuration at your infrastructure to use ProPhish

How to get started with ProPhish?

It is really very simple

  • We buy/use a fake domain that looks close to your original domain.
  • Select your target employees to whom you want to simulate the phishing emails
  • Select a phishing email template. You can create your own template or choose from our template library which contains 100+ various phishing topics
  • Select a landing page. You can create your own landing page or choose it from our library
  • Select a sending profile. This email ID will be used as "from" address of the email [e.g mail from HR(, CISO( or IT Team(]
  • Select an awareness video of your choice (Optional). If an employee clicks/or submits his/her details on the landing page they will be redirected to the awareness video which will be played automatically. Our library consist of 60+ awareness video covering range of topic from (importance of strong password to how to identify phishing emails?) Suit yourself with the one you like
  • Select a quiz of your choice (Optional). After the awareness video is completed your employees will be redirected to a quiz section. Create your own quiz or choose it from our library consisting of 25+ quiz topics
  • Execute, track & monitor. Execute the campaign & track it easily on our ProPhish dashboard. Download the report & much much more
Is it possible to create customize video of my choice?

Yes it is! You can bring your own video into the platform and trigger it to the target users or if you want a customized video we will create it for you.

What is a landing page?

Landing page is the page which an employee will be redirected to once he/she clicks on the phishing link. This page can be customized, we can clone or create a page of your choice

How do I monitor the employee behaviour for the simulated phishing campaign?

ProPhish dashboard allows you to track the entire activity of the users starting from opening the simulated phishing email till attending the quiz.

Does the ProPhish tool captures the password as well

What needs to be captured in the tool is totally on the administrator. He will be able to configure it in the platform.

Do I need to buy the domain?

No. we will register and configure the domain which will used in the campaign.

How do I know if I need ProPhish in my organization?

We believe the best way to learn is through a real life experiance. Prophish allows your employees to understand & identify a phishing email and what steps needed to be taken once they receive such emails through an awareness video & quiz.

Do you offer free trials?

Yes. We will run a free phishing simulation for your organization with complete support at every step.

What is the pricing model?

We are proud to offer both better protection and better pricing than our competitors. Request a demo to look at the product and get a quote.

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